Charging stations

The widest selection of charging stations on the market

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Pedestals, retractable cable system,
gun guard and everything else you need.

Commercial charging stations

The widest selection of Level 3 fast, intelligent charging stations.

Smart Home

Everything you need for the smart home.

Lighting solutions

Everything you need to light your commercial or industrial premises.

BEQ Technology, Quebec's leader in charging stations and energy-efficient products, offers you specialized products and services.

In keeping with our customers' real needs and the ever-changing electrification of transportation, we invite you to discover this vast selection of products and services. We've selected quality products that offer significant benefits to our customers in terms of charging stations, accessories, solar energy, lighting products and much more. The products we select must meet very demanding criteria, because for us, reliability, performance and manufacturer warranties are in line with our values and vision. To convey excellence in quality and price.